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2012 Mets Player Salaries and Contracts

Posted on: January 15, 2012 8:50 am
Edited on: January 17, 2012 8:25 pm
2011 Arbitration Eligible players:
1-SP Mike Pelfrey 2011 $3.925M - signed 1yr @ $5.675M
2-RP Manny Acosta 2011 $414,000 - signed 1yr @ $875,000
3-RP Ramon Ramirez 2011 $1.65M - signed 1 yr @ $2.65M
4-OF Andres Torres 2011 $2.2M - signed 1yr @ $2.7M

SS Jose Reyes - signed 6yrs $105M w/ the Marlins
LHP Chris Capuano - signed 2yrs $10M w/ Dodgers
RHP Chris Young - free agent
RHP Jason Isringhausen - free agent
OF Willie Harris - free agent
C Ronny Paulino - free agent
RHP Taylor Buchholz - free agent
RHP Ryota Igarashi - signed a minor league contract w/ the Pirates
1B Nick Evans - signed a minor league contract w/ the Pirates
OF Jason Pridie - - signed a minor league contract w/ the Athletics
OF Fernando Martinez - claimed off waivers by the Astros

RHP Frank Francisco
RHP Jon Rauch
CF Andres Torres - Traded From San Francisco for Angel Pagan
RHP Ramon Ramirez - Traded From San Francisco for Angel Pagan
IF Ronny Cedeno
OF Scott Hairston
Jeremy Hefner - claimed off waivers from the Pirates -  originally drafted by the Mets in 2004 and failed to sign him. Again drafted by the Mets in 2005 and again failed to sign him! After being drafted by the Padres in 2007, he was claimed off waivers by the Pirates before the 2011 season. The Mets finally got their man!!! In 5 minor league seasons Hefner is 46-34 w/ a 3.84 ERA 606 SO and 215 BB over 688 IP WHIP 1.29

*The following were all Signed to Minor League Contracts
RHP Miguel Batista - resigned
SS Sean Kazmar - drafted by the Padres in 2004
RHP Fernando Cabrera - drafted by the Indians in 1999, played 209-10 w/ the Red Sox
RHP Jeff Stevens - drafted by the Reds in 2005, played 2009-11 w/ the Cubs
SS Omar Quintanilla - drafted by the Athletics in 2003, played 2011 w/ the Rangers
C Rob Johnson - drafted by the Mariners in 2004, played 2011 w/ the Padres
LF Mike Baxter - resigned, originally drafted by the Padres in 2005
LHP Chuck James - drafted by the Braves in 2002, played 2011 w/ the Twins
C Lucas May- drafted by the Dodgers in 2003, played 2011 w/ the Diamondbacks and Royals
LHP Garrett Olson - drafted by the Orioles in 2005, played 2011 w/ the Pirates
OF Adam Loewen - drafted by the Orioles in 2002, played 2011 w/ the Blue Jays
OF Vinny Rottino - signed as an undrafted FA by the Brewers in 2003, played 2011 w/ the Marlins
CF Corey Wimberly - drafted by the Rockies in 2005, played 2011 w/ the Pirates
1B Valentino Pascucci - resigned, originally drafted by the Brewers in 1996

Collins’ coaching staff for the 2012:
Bench Coach - Bob Geren
1B Coach - Tom Goodwin
3B Coach - Tim Teufel
Hitting Coach - Dave Hudgens
Pitching Coach - Dan Warthen
Bullpen Coach - Ricky Bones

Starting Rotation:

1- Johan Santana, $24M (signed 6 yr/$137.5M (2008-13)+2014 club option plus full no trade clause~2013=$25.5M~2014=club option @ $25M or $5.5M buyout)
2- R.A. Dickey, $4.25M (?2013=club option w/$300K buyout)
3- Jon Niese, $500,000 (2013-2015=arbitration)
4- Mike Pelfrey, $5.675M (2013=last year of arbitration)
5- Dillon Gee, $500,000 (2013=$500K~2014-2016=arbitration)
Subtotal: $34.75M

Starting Lineup:
1-CF - Andres Torres, $2.7M (2013=last year of arbitration)
2-2B - Daniel Murphy, $500,000 (2013-2015=arbitration)
3-3B - David Wright, $15M (signed 6 yr/$55M (2007-12)+2013 club option~2013=club option @ $16M or $1M buyout)
4-1B - Ike Davis, $500,000 (2013-2015=arbitration)
5-LF - Jason Bay, $16M (signed 4yrs/$66M (2010-2013)+2014 vesting option~2013=$18.6M~014=option on PA @ $14M or $3M buyout)
6-RF - Lucas Duda, $500,000 (2013-2014=$500K~2015-2017=arbitration)
7-C - Josh Thole, $500,000 (2013-2015=arbitration)
8-SS - Ruben Tejada, $500,000 (2013=$500K~2014-2016=arbitration)
Subtotal: $36.25M


1-OF - Scott Hairston, $1.1M (signed for 1yr)
2-If - Ronny Cedeno, $1.15M (signed for 1yr)
3-C - Mike Nickeas, $500,000 (2013=$500K~2014-2016=arbitration)
4-IF - Justin Turner, $500,000 (2013=$500K~2014-2016=arbitration)
5A-OF - Mike Baxter, $500,000 (minor league contract)
5B-OF - Adam Loewen, $500,000 (minor league contract)
Subtotal: $4.25M


1-CL - Frank Francisco, $5.5M (signed 2yrs @ $12M~2013=6.5M)
2- Jon Rauch, $3.5M (signed for 1yr)
3- Tim Byrdak, $1M (signed for 1yr)
4- Ramon Ramirez, $2.65M(last year of arbitration)
5- Manny Acosta, $875,000
6- Bobby Parnell, $500,000 (2013-2015=arbitration)
7- Long man/second left-hander, $500,000
Subtotal: $14M

D.J. Carrasco, $1.2M (signed 2yrs $2.5M)
Pedro Beato, $500,000 (2013=$500K~2014-2016=arbitration)
Bobby Bonilla will receive 25 equal payments of $1,193,248.20M each July 1 from 2011 to 2035 A total of $29,831,205M

TOTAL: $92.15M
Down from  $132.9 in 2011
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Posted on: February 12, 2012 5:31 pm

2012 Mets Player Salaries and Contracts

Tartans, good work as expected.  I do have a question?  Down from  $132.9 in 2011

Were Castillo, Perez, and Johan Santana included in that number?  I believe that that total is missing someone(s).  Ronny Paulino?   Point being that the real on the field number is probably not a whole lot different than this year. 
Weighing the subtractions Jose Reyes , Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez and Angel Pagan to the additions Lucas Duda, Johan Santana, Ike Davis, a rebuilt BP and the possibility that Jason Bay and David Wright might enjoy home cooking.  MrB could be right about this being a .500 team not the 90 loss team that other are fearing.

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Posted on: January 23, 2012 1:28 pm

2012 Mets Player Salaries and Contracts

These are the things that stand out to me abouit this team...besides all of the ifs and what, performance etc...

The Bench is very weak...there is no one there that I would like to depend on every day for a key hit in a late inning and anybody that comes off of that bench to play on a starters off day is a liability for that day.

IMO..there are 2 players in the every day lineup that should be bench players...Torres and Murphy...put them on the bench and bring in two decent starters like Ross and Aviles and the team gets deeper.

Everyone is bashing the starting rotation but here is my take on it:
I fully expect Santana to pitch this year and be a resonable product
I also expect Dickey to pitch as he has in the last two seasons, maybe with some run support.
Niese and Gee should take the next step, but if they don't, Harvey will be waiting in the wings..
Pelfrey, as much as I don't like him, will be the wild card...should he come out of the gate as he did in 2010, the Mets rotation will surprise a few people.

I still see this as a .500 team as the season starts...let's see how the first 20 games go and we can revaluate later.

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 8:21 pm

2012 Mets Player Salaries and Contracts

Steve Phillips? The Wilpons had to sign off on it!

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 7:16 pm

2012 Mets Player Salaries and Contracts

Bobby Bonilla... god, Steve Phillips is an idiot.

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