Posted on: August 25, 2008 1:53 am

How You Become A Fan of...

I started this as a thread on the Mets board. In one of sadurtimes' blogs he wrote about how he become a fan of his favorite teams. So I thought I would start a post/blog on it. I always find it interesting on how people became a fan of said team. Those fan who live out of area, I find the most interesting usually. So here is how I became a fan of my favs.

Mets - The first World Series I saw on TV was between the Phillies and Royals, which was also the first time I saw baseball played, and I fell in love. The following spring I signed up to play little league. It was at that time I choose the Phillies and Mike Schmidt as my favorite team and player.

But growing up in upstate New York we didn't get much Phillies news. So when the Mets brought up Darryl Strawberry in May of 1983 I started following him and when the Mets called up Dwight Gooden in April of 1984 I was hooked on the Mets and then the Mets called up Lenny Dykstra in May of 1985 and he NAILED the coffin shut! Never to look back and now and forever will bleed Orange and Blue!

Redskins - One of my best friends father growing up was a huge Jets fan, and was always asking me who my favorite football team was and always trying to get me to pick the Jets. Instead he and my friend made me hate them. I no longer hate them, but I still don't like them. The Giants were no different in my eyes. I liked the Bills but they sucked and as a kid you want a winner right!

Well it just so happens that for my 6th grade class trip we went  to Washington D.C. and seeing all the sites was one thing, but I saw a ton a fans wearing the Redskins colors. That was how I picked the Redskins. They also happened to win the Super Bowl a year later in January 1983 over the Dolphins.

Devils - I started following hockey to help fit in with my wife's father and brother. They liked the Bruins. I went with the Devils because that was the team that shared the Mets TV channel. No other reason, of course it didn't hurt watching them take their first Cup in 1995.

Pistons - I don't follow Basketball, in fact I hate it, maybe because it was always the one sport I always sucked at. My gym teacher hated the fact that I could play baseball but not able to make a simple lay-up. If I had to pick it would be the Pistons. During the 80s it was all Lakers and Celtics and when the Bad Boys entered onto the court it was all over for the Lakers and Celtics until Micheal Jordan.

College - Army and Syracuse - Army football because of my older brother being in the Army and Syracuse football becuase they were the only D1 school that made any news in upstate New York. I went to Siena college so they'll always have a soft spot, plus Siena helped get me drafted by the Dodgers. I enjoy collage basketball more then I do the NBA and for b-ball I follow Syracuse and Siena.


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