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Posted on: August 3, 2008 7:28 pm
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Shea Goodbye, Shea's greatest hits

While big brother gets the love and attention during a grand exit, little brother slips out the side door, hardly noticed, hardly missed.

So it goes, as it always did. See ya, Shea Stadium.

To the House that Robert Moses Helped Build in Queens (let's give him the credit or blame, since Flushing is where he wanted to stash the Brooklyn Dodgers) there's plenty of history!

So it only goes back to 1964, and not the days of Ruth and the more heralded Yankee Stadium. Regardless, Shea has seen more than its share events both odd and shocking and momentous.

The Mets' Web site is conducting an online vote of the greatest moments in the history of Shea. So with just about 29 homes games left, Here's one ballot:

10. Endy's catch, Oct. 19, 2006: The Mets go on to lose this Game 7 of the National League Championship Series. But had the Mets won, Chavez catch and throw to double off St. Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds would be considered the greatest play in postseason history -- even better than Willie Mays' catch in '54. It's that good.

9. 1975: As in the whole year. While Yankee Stadium undergoes renovations, Shea gets battered by overuse, as not only the Mets and Jets call Queens home, but also the Yankees and Giants. The renovated Yankee Stadium and brand-new Giants Stadium open the following year.

8. Bunning is perfect, June 21, 1964: After less than three months of baseball in the new stadium, Shea fans not only witness a Father's Day no-hitter, but a perfect game by Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jim Bunning. All these decades later, no Met has pitched a no-no, either at home or on the road. (See: No. 6.)

7. Rose-Bud Brawl, Oct. 8, 1973. Stocky Cincinnati Red Pete Rose and the wispy Mets shortstop Bud Harrelson fight at second base, sparking a bench-clearing melee in Game 3 of the NLCS.

A contingent of Mets go out to left field to plead with fans not to risk a forfeit by throwing things at Rose in what ends up as a 9-2 Mets win.

6. Seaver's "Imperfect Game," July 9, 1969. Boston Red Sox fans have Bucky (Bleepin') Dent. His Mets fans' counterpart is Jimmy (Bleepin') Qualls. The unheralded Chicago Cub breaks up Seaver's perfect game with one out in the ninth in front of 59,083 at Shea.

5. Jets win AFL title, Dec. 29, 1968: Before The Guarantee and the Super Bowl III upset, the Jets defeat the Oakland Raiders 27-23 to win the AFL title and set up a date with the Baltimore Colts.

4. Piazza post-attack home run, Sept. 21, 2001: In the first sporting event in New York after 9/11, Mike Piazza hits an eighth-inning two-run homer to beat the Atlanta Braves in an inspiring moment that even had (some) Yankees fans smiling.

3. Beatles at Shea, Aug. 15, 1965: The Beatles play an epic concert with a stage set up around second base, in the process ushering in the era of stadium-sized rock shows. Top tickets go for $5.75.

2. Amazin' Mets take title, Oct. 16, 1969: The Baltimore Orioles thought a sweep is in the offing. They are right: After Baltimore wins Game 1, the Miracle Mets sweep the next four to win one of the most improbable World Series in history.

1. The Ball Gets by Buckner, Oct. 25, 1986: The game and series seemed so secure that "Congratulations Boston Red Sox 1986 World Champions" briefly flashes on the Shea scoreboard. But the Mets come back from a two-out, two-run, nobody-on deficit in the 10th inning. Then Mookie Wilson's slow dribbler goes through Bill Buckner's legs, giving the Mets a 6-5 win.

Game 7 seems assured as well, only this time the expected happens as the Mets win their second world title.

Others considered:

  • 23-inning game (as part of a doubleheader), 1964
  • 2000 Subway Series
  • 1964 All-Star Game
  • Seaver fans 19 San Diego Padres, 1970
  • Pope John Paul II speaks, 1979
  • Lenny Dykstra's homer wins Game 3 of NLDS, 1986
  • Todd Pratt homer wins 1999 NLDS
  • Robin Ventura's "grand-slam single," 1999
  • Mets win 2000 pennant
  • catcher Paul Lo Duca's "you're out/you're out" double play, 2006
  • Beatles appear a second time at Shea, 1966
  • 1973 World Series
  • The Who headlines with the Clash, 1982.

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